Sunday, 10 January 2021

Subtraction Activities for kids

 I have tried these activities for teaching subtraction concepts for kids -

Activity #1

Tree and apples -

I made the outline of the tree and my daughter colored it. This is again a great fun activity for them. 

Now write the subtraction problems on the tree as shown.

Then I have cut out the paper in the shape of an apple and have written numbers on them.

The kid has to solve the problems one by one and match the answers with the answers on the apple cut out.

Trust me, it is really engaging for kids to match the apples and they will surely love it.

Activity #2

Clip it

Materials -

1. cloth pins

2. Construction paper

I have made circles of the construction paper and have written the subtraction problems.

Now the child has to solve the problems and find the answer. Now the child has to clip the same number of pins as the answer. So this also becomes a nice fine motor activity for kids.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Reading activities for kids

We always try to make fun activities for teaching a new concept or making learning fun and engaging for kids.


 So here is an amazing activity idea for making reading super fun for kids. 

 Materials - 

2. Construction paper 
3. Scissor

Activity #1

Matching picture and text - 

I have used picture flashcards and have written some words associated with the pictures.

Place the picture flashcards and ask the child to pick up the paper one by one and match it with the appropriate picture card.

Activity #2

Complete the sentences  -

I have made some sentences and the child has to fill it with the correct picture and words.

This is amazing way to make kids enjoy the reading sessions and not feel bored.

Do try these activities and share with me on my Instagram and Facebook.

Comment your feedback below this post and let me know on what topics you need me to make DIY activities. I will surely make them and share on my YouTube channel

Sunday, 3 January 2021

DIY Math puzzle game for kids

Here is a simple DIY Math puzzle game for kids for teaching subtraction and addition concepts. Making such simple DIYs help to engage kids in a fun and to get the concepts very quickly rather than making them sit and solve the boring worksheets. 

 Materials - 
1. Paper or cardboard 

2. Number magnets or flashcards 

3. Number cards.

Make the outline of the puzzle as shown in the image above.
~ Now take a number flashcard or make your own with construction paper and write a number on it. 
~ Place any card in the center as shown above. 
~ The child now has to add the corner numbers to make a sum of the number in the center.  
~ for eg. In this image the center number is 6

So now the child can pick any number between 1 to 6 and can take the number 6 also. 
~ If the child picks 4, then 6 - 4 will be 2. so the first corner is 4+2  

~  Now if the child picks 6 so 6-6 = 0, So the next corner is 6+0 
~ Next if the child picks the number 5, then 6-5=1 So the next corner is 5 + 1 
~ Now if the child picks 3, then 6-3 = 3 SO the next corner is 3+3 
~  In this way all the sums of the corners comes up to the number in the center.

Try to make this game interesting by using a different number every time. Share with me the feedback and tag me on Instagram.

Friday, 1 January 2021

Homeschool Learning routine for the month of January 2021


Homeschool learning routine -

We parents find it very difficult to make our kids to write on a daily basis. It is really a big task to make them sit and write and solve the worksheets. From the last few months, I have been trying this with my daughter for daily writing practice and is working wonderfully for us. So I thought to share this with you all and make a details post about our daily writing practice. 


I have made separate book for English, Math and Hindi.  

I like to work on the weekly schedule instead of daily ones. I will explain why and how it is more effective.

If we tell our kids that they have to do daily writing practice, it will not interest them and they may feel it very boring. 

So what I do is I make a writing schedule for a complete week. And I tell my daughter that she has to complete this writing tasks by the end of the week. So here it is not compulsory to do a daily practice but at the same time, the child knows that the task should be completed by the end of the week. So they make their own strategy to complete it before time. They will either do 2 pages a day or three or none but will try to complete it. Also one more thing I do is whenever my daughter completes one page, I check it and give her a star or a smiley. So it encourages her more. 

Do try this with your kids and see the amazing results. :)

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Journaling for kids with monthly prompts


Journaling is a very special topic for me as I have started and applied it in my life from the last two years and can see the changes in my life. I am able to direct my thoughts and prioritize them accordingly. I love how it helps to stay organized and bring calmness and mindfulness. I recommend you all to start journaling and see the magic it brings in your life. 

So I have decided to introduce Journaling to my daughter who is now 5 and a half year old. She has started to read and write. So this was the perfect time to introduce this beautiful habit. There are readymade Journals available online but I like to DIY it as I have an option to explore with many more aspects which I want instead of following a readymade one. And also if kids decorate it on their own, the joy is doubled <3

I have tried to keep it super simple and fun for her. I will see how she takes it and accordingly will change the prompts monthly. So stay tuned for our monthly prompts. You can subscribe to our channel creativemommystuff on YouTube to stay updated. 

Materials you will need -

1. Dairy 

2. Color pens

3. Stickers

4. color pencils

5. crayons

Lets hop onto our Journaling adventure :)

1. I have made some DIY Affirmation cards -

Affirmations are - 'to affirm to one's self''. Positive words that are absorbed by the mind to create your belief system. Creating an inner confidence as children can shape their whole life. What we think about ourselves is what we develop. This is why affirmations are so important for children. Affirmations are an effective way to build self-confidence.  

These are some DIY Affirmation cards that I have made. I will be making more for the next month and will be adding them to this bundle. So every month, we will have have some new cards too.

Let your child read them daily aloud daily and if your child is very young, you can read aloud to them and they can repeat after you. 

2. Daily Habit Tracker - Building a habit in kids is the very difficult task which we all parents struggle with. I found this method very effective. I have applied this method for myself in my journaling routine and trust me it works like magic. You have a track of your habit and I tried this with my daughter from the last few months and she enjoys it. What I have done is made circle and written the dates from 1 to 31 for the month of January. So the idea is to color the circles when the child has completed the habit for the day. For eg. Reading a book. If the child has read a book for a day, then he/she can color the circle for that date and continue throughout the month. So in this way, we now have a record of the habit maintained and how many days have we missed it. So isn't it awesome. Do try this with your child and let me know the results. Share with me on my Facebook or Instagram and tag me. I would to see the little one's Habit tracker.  


3. My Favorites - Next is my favorites where I have included questions like my favorite color, book, game, food etc. What do you want to be when you grow up?

These questions are a great way to bring out the likes and dislikes of your child. To help them know about themselves. To express themselves and encourage creative thinking and the ability to express. I love these simple routine. 

4. Tasks of the month - This is our favorite part of journaling where every month, I try to make new tasks for her and she enjoys to complete them. It can anything like feed a street dog, make a new friend, call your grandparents and talk to them, send them greeting cards, etc. it is super fun for both of us and we enjoy doing these tasks. It helps us connect with our loved ones and teach some values and kindness in a practical way.

I hope you loved our Journaling routine for kids. Do try them and if you enjoyed it as much we did, make sure to share them with me on my social media. I would be the most happy person to see the little ones enjoying their journaling routine.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Jolly phonics group 4


Jolly phonics group 3


Jolly phonics group 2

Learn to Read

Learn to read. A complete guide for teaching phonics.

1. Group 1
3. Group 1 and group 2 CVCC words
8. bl blend
9. cl blend
10. fl blend
11. gl blend
12. pl blend
13. sl blend
14. y as ee
16. i_e
17. e_o
18. u_o
19. o_o
20. ay words
21. oy words
22. y as ie
23. ea words
24. igh words
25. ow as oa
26. ow as ou
27. ir 
28. ur
29. ew as ue or oo
30. au as or
31. aw as or
32. al as or
33. ph words
34. soft c
35. soft g
36. wh words
37. wa words
38. ture
39. tion
40. tual
41. kn words
42. ous words
43. wo words
44. tive words
45. le words
46. tch words

Jolly phonics group 1