Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Nature journal for preschoolers

I wanted to start a nature journal for my 4 year old. And our February nature challenge pushed me to create one for her.

So I started with some simple prompts and then I found it interesting and is a good way to encourage kids to be close to nature and make some wonderful  memories.

Download our Nature journal printable here 

This gives a nice opportunity to introduce different concepts like plant life cycle, weather, parts of flower, animals,insects,birds,etc.
I have tried to include these concepts which are appropriate for preschoolers and will be sharing the part 2 of these printable very soon..


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Skip counting activties

As I wanted to introduce my preschooler with skip counting, I was trying to make some activities that would be interesting and fun for her to explore. As you all know, we follow play and learn method. So here are some activities that we did to learn skip counting.

1. Pin and skip count - The first activity we  made was using cloth pins or pegs. I cut a cardboard in round shape and then I wrote the numbers from 1 to 30 in clockwise direction. So for learning skip counting, the child can just pin to the corresponding number.
For ex. learning the skip counting by 2 - child has to pin the numbers 2,4,,8,10,12,14,16,18.....
This also helps in building fine motor skills.

2. Lace and skip count - So here we used the lacing activity to learn skip counting. I used foam sheet cut in round shape and wrote the numbers and made holes for each numbers. So the kid has to lace through all the holes and learn skip counting.

3. Hundreds board - We used our hundreds board to learn skip counting. The child has to place the manipulative or chips on the numbers and go on skip counting up to 100.

4. Color and skip count - Introducing any concept with colors is always a hit among preschoolers. They love to color and here, I used it to teach skip counting. In a sheet of paper, I wrote the numbers from 1 to 100. We can use different colors for skip counting by different numbers.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Hindi alphabets printables

How can you use these worksheets?
  1. You can use these as flashcards to teach Hindi letters.
   2. This printable can be used for matching the Hindi alphabet with its corresponding picture.
   3. You can make a dominos game using this printable by just cutting horizontal picture and alphabet part. (You can watch our YouTube video for more details.)
  4. You can use these pictures and letters for making your own DIY activities.

This is a copyright by creativemommystuff YouTube channel. Do not use this for commercial purpose. Also do not share the pdf directly to anyone. Instead share the link of our blog for the people to direct to the original post. If not complied by the rules, legal action will be taken.

Download the printables here


Thursday, 2 January 2020

New Year 2020 Planning, Journaling, Daily Habits Tracking

Happy New year everyone....

I am so excited to start this new year with such enthusiasm and I would like to pass on this positive energy with you all. And So I present to you my very basic planning ideas which work for me with no fancy journals or diaries. You can do this with many minimal cost. You do not always have to invent in highly rated planners and binders. I am sure they do help you a lot to make your life easier but the joy of making everything simple and from scratch is priceless. You just have to go along with your dairy and some print outs and yeah you are all set for the new year.

Lets see one by one what all we have for starting an amazing new year with a positive note and making the most of 2020.

1.  Daily Habits tracker - We always make some resolutions for the new year for being fit, eating healthy, running, walking, reading books, yoga, etc. But we fail to keep track of these habits and loose interest and we break our resolutions in the first month of the year itself. But if we had a tracker for tracking our habits, it would help us to keep our resolutions right???

For now I have included some habits like meditation, drinking warm water in the morning,  Book reading, self care, writing daily journal. You can go with these but if you want to add some of your habits, I have included a blank habit tracker sheet where you will have the tracker and you can add your own habit. So isn't it easy and affordable. Go ahead and download the printable and share your feedback with us on YouTube video, in our Facebook group,   Instagram

2. #30BooksChallege - Reading books makes me feel like I am in a new world altogether. It makes me meet new characters, makes me travel new places and gives so much pleasure. I enjoy reading books and to keep up with the habit I am challenging myself to read 30 books for this year. If you too would like to do this challenge, please join in. Share on Instagram with hashtags #30BooksChallenge #cmlchallenge #readingchallenge. We can together do this. Keep inspiring and motivating by sharing monthly books read by you on Instagram. Its OK if do not you do not share but keep it to yourself and make sure you hit the 30 books for the challenge.

3. Daily Journal - I love to write my journal daily. What do I write in my journal?
a. Affirmations/ positive quotes- I write 2-3 quotes and affirmations daily in the morning in my journal. This helps me to be motivated and get inspired and stay positive throughout the day

b. Gratitude - I love to express gratitude to those who have helped me to live my life. I write about whom I am grateful for. This helps me to keep grounded and also make me feel good for the person who have made my life awesome.

c. To do lists- This is great to list out all your tasks for the day so that you can  keep an account of the activities you have to complete. And at the end of the day, you can sit down and see to yourself how productive was the day and how much of the tasks are pending. This really helps to make you more productive.

d. Events - At last, you can write 2 or 3 events that happened for the day or any good memories which you would like to preserve. You can also write about how did you feel throughout the day. This will also help you to know about your emotional status and always acknowledge that why you felt so.

e. Monthly expense - And at last, lets talk about expenses for the month. I like to right down my monthly expense in a diary. You can down the monthly recurring expenses beforehand and calculate the amount and keep it aside. This helps to budget plan and make some space for new expenses.

Download the printable here

1. Daily Habits Tracker
2. #30BooksChallenge sheet

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Daily Learning Printable for preschooler (Jr kg and Sr kg kids)

Hey all, We are back with our new daily learning folder for my preschooler.
I have used file folder which can be used as wipe and write using the transparent sheets
This includes reusable worksheets which you can wipe and use on a daily basis.
Check the complete video for the worksheets included in our  reusable folder.

Download here

Monday, 21 October 2019

Diwali Worksheets

Here is a pdf of our diwali worksheets..

Click on the link below to download..

It takes efforts to create these worksheets. Please do not share the link directly. Let them visit our blog page and download it from here..

Download here


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Thursday, 18 April 2019

logic puzzle for preschoolers with free printable

Here is a very nice and engaging logic activity for preschoolers.

You can download the printable from the link below. Please do not directly share the file to anyone. You can share the link to this blog post so that others can download from here and mention the blog name. This would be a good help for the efforts taken behind making the printable and activities.

Download the printable here.

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Thursday, 14 March 2019

DIY organiser/DIY bookshelf

I was always looking to rearrange my messed up home. So got into the home improvement drive and found out some DIY organizers to arrange everything systematically. The first one is the organizer for my toddler books, her colors, pen, scissors. After making it, I really loved it as how much organised it looks now.

I had an empty cardboard box of plastic container set. So I up cycled it into my new DIY organizer.

The above image was the empty cardboard box. I cut the upper lid of the box. And then cut the two sides as in the below image shown. I made a partition for books and stationary with the cut piece of the upper lid. And then stick some craft papers on the sides of the cardboard box. And the final outcome is really amazing.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Continent song

This is how we learned our continent names.
We enjoyed learning the names of 7 continents of the world by a song and then followed by a printable from totschooling.

Here is the Montessori song for continents -

Tell me the continents
tell me the continents
Tell me if you can
North America, South America,
Africa, Europe and Asia
Don't forget Australia, Don't forget Antartica
Tell me the continents
tell me the continents
tell me if you can

Printable link from totschooling website -

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Friday, 8 February 2019

Number board game for preschoolers

It's never too early to introduce board games to kids. It has many benefits as it helps them build team play, follow the instructions, wait for their turn and so on.

The usual snake and ladder feels little overwhelming for younger children and so I created this simple board game with no snakes or ladder. Just start from 1 and reach till 20. This helps kids to use dice and recognize the numbers and move accordingly. This can also be a good travel time game for kids. Easy to carry and can have hours of fun..

Download the printable here.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Smiley number counting printable

So for making number counting a little more fun and engaging, I made this smiley number counting printable. 
You can download the printable from the link below. Please do not directly share the file to anyone. You can share the link to this blog post so that others can download from here and mention the blog name. This would be a good help for the efforts taken behind making the printables and activities. 
So enjoy counting numbers with your little one and share the activities you do on our Facebook group...😊❤

Download the free printable here

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Carrot beetroot juice

Good morning everyone...
Sharing some weekend vibes here..
Had a great start of the day with this colorful jar of happiness..

We often neglect the good and simple healthy recipies and look around for ones that need some imported veggies or other ingredients that are not available easily to most of us and we leave the idea of trying them out... This happens to me most of the times..
Here's a very simple juice which we all have heard of but never tried to make it..
This juice has many awesome health benefits...

Preparation- take carrot and beetroot pieces in the grinder along with some salt, black pepper, Cummin seeds, coriander and add water accordingly..
Now strain the mixture and enjoy the wonderful juice..

I wonder if we can use the leftover residue in some other way as I don't feel like throwing it away.. If you have any good ideas to use it, please do share.. It would be very helpful..